Step 1: Creating a socket and implementing “portscan” method

Step 2: Port number range and result in boolean whether port is open or not

Denial of Service attack on an Apache Server

Figure 0: Idea

Credits : Xin Bi, Ahmet Miles Putun, Stephen D’Amico, John Di Spirito

Note: The concepts and implementations that are being used in this documentation assume that readers have some background knowledge in communication networks and/or computer security.


We have implemented a denial of service attack on an Apache server that was set up using a Raspberry Pi 4. In class, we discussed DoS attacks multiple times and how they are used to shutdown/block servers, creating problems for the server’s intended users. The main idea behind our project is that we have…

David, Oath of the Horatii, 1784–5

This piece of art by French artist Jacques-Louis David was made in 1984 and exhibited in 1985. Unlike the prevailing style in France was the Roccoco, a style that applied to the aristocracy, David’s Oath of the Horatii establishes a new style called neoclassicism.

As far as my research is concerned, this era belongs to the tale end of the period in France that is called “The Enlightenment Period” with philosophers like Rousseau who capitalizes on the idea that the rational should supersede tradition and the spiritual.

At the time, the monarchy in France…

Editorial Design and HR Service idea implementations, works are from a week of UX research and a week of UI implementation.

Design of this mobile application idea is inspired by those who intend to create an educational environment specifically for employees to improve their knowledge in work area supplied by a budget from compony’s yearly employee development mission.

  • > Event or course selection
  • > Search through topics
  • > Select hard copy

-What? Why? How?

As you ride with Uber, you will build up your streaks to get discounts on your next trip(s) upon selection.

Question: If my values take care of my needs, do I reward my values?


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